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"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults"   F.Douglass                                    

Toolkit Coaching Will Help Your Child To... 

Remove Obstacles

We all have places in our life where we are blocked. This applies to children too. Without the knowledge and tools to overcome these blockages our children can become stuck and unable to reach their full potential. Working together, one on one with your child, we identify those blocks and find ways for them to overcome them.

Sometimes children struggle with social and/or emotional skills, making life challenging for them and holding them back from leading a happy and fulfilling life. I believe that once children are given the tools to manage their challenges, they are capable of great things. My passion is to help children identify what they need to do and to support them in doing it in order to be their best self.

Children have dreams and ambitions just like adults. For some children, this might be to have friends, or to be able to speak up in class. For others it might be to successfully complete their secondary education. Sometimes they just don't know how to go about achieving the results they want.

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true.

As your child's coach, I will help them identify the plan, stick to it and overcome any obstacles they might encounter on their way to success.

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